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the Mythical Ethiopian specialty coffee

A rich and smooth flavour that's full-bodied and uniquely intense Taste the World's Most Exclusive Coffee

Harvested with love in the mountains of Ethiopia

Three black cups with coffee and saucers on black background. One with coffee beans, the s



Enjoy delicious, high-quality beans that are roasted to perfection.

Experience the taste of freshly roasted beans every morning.

You will be happy when you sip your morning coffee because then farmers know there's somebody out there who cares enough about their lives and good quality coffee.



Create an equal balance between producers and drinkers.

We call it "Trade Over Aid" 

Coffee is a big part of your day, and Ethiopic Coffee wants to make sure that the farmers who grow the beans get paid fairly for their hard work. That's why we buy directly from them at a fair price, so they can invest in their farms and communities.

The Origin 

Know where your coffee is coming from